I am broken and trying to glue the pieces back together. It will take time but in the end those who are around me will be amazed at what I can do.


10 Things Every Person Who’s Not In A Relationship Needs To Be Reminded Of


1. Dating should be fun

Dating seems like such a stressful experience when you’re on Tindr or on one-off going nowhere dates with people you meet at the bar. Try to talk yourself out of feeling this way. Dating is like, the great American pasttime. You get to get dressed up and meet a whole new person. They might not be a great match for you but you will get to try something new, have fun with a new person, and improve your dating skills for the next one.

2. It’s not about “your standards being too high” or “not settling”

It’s about learning to love yourself and learning to find people that are capable of love. Maybe this means you’re working on yourself for right now, maybe it means you are still searching through people. Try to avoid feeling like being single is a state you are in because you are doing something wrong. People on death row have boyfriends and girlfriends and spouses so it’s clearly not about being “good enough.” Be open, try new things, be the best person you can be — it will happen.

3. It only takes one

My family has a harvest party each year (we live in the country). A few years ago my 30-year-old sister was there feeling sorry for herself for still being single. At that same party the next year the man she’d started dating six months earlier proposed. At that same part a year later they got married. So, she went from hopelessly single to very happily married in exactly two years. The great thing about being single is that at any moment you can meet the right person. You don’t have to have a high batting average, you just have to have one home run. One out of thousands.

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Sana isang araw ako din makapag yabang din at makapag bitiw sa iba ng “atleast he’s worth bringing home” 😊

Smallest apple I’ve ever seen. 😂

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Smallest apple I’ve ever seen. 😂

So gwapo my baby. Huhu makes me miss him even more! 😭